Bubble Art!

Each Friday afternoon we do Art with Mr Yuki.  Since this term our theme is Wondrous Water, we used water, soap and paint to create fascinating bubble art outside in the sun.  Tamariki enjoyed exercising their creative muscles and produced some very beautiful watery art.

The Art of Persuasion...

In Koru 2 we have done a big change around who is on which class job.  We have been learning how to write convincing texts used to persuade people into believing what we have to say.  From this task tamariki produced clever presentations made using either imovie or keynote.  These were then shared in front of our classmates and teachers to earn support through votes. 

Students enjoyed sharing their skills and using confident language to get the class job of their dreams.

All jobs have been reassigned and even some new jobs were imagined like class DJ!

Non-Fiction Storytelling

We have kicked off Term 3 with a non-fiction text for our Storytelling...about Water. Although the elements of how we learn the a non-fiction text are the same as how we would learn a fiction story, the way in which we do it is quite different. Last week we had a lot of fun as we started to learn the words and gestures of our new text.  Some of the gestures we are using are taken from New Zealand sign language.
First, we listened to the story and noticed that there were actions that were repeated when the same word was repeated.
Mr Yuki then helped us to recreate the text into a map which incorporated both words and pictures to represent the words.

We spent some time recording ourselves talking the map...

Next we watched how to step the map and then went away to practise in groups...

Where will our learning take us to next? - We will continue to practise speaking the text and incorporating gestures. - We will continue to explore and discover the wonderful world of Water.
Keep watching…

Making Matariki Star Biscuits

As part of our Matariki celebrations in Week 9, we spent the morning creating our own star biscuits!
The ingredients, equipment and recipes were set out at 4 work stations and we worked in small groups.   One person at each area was chief photographer and we also had a team leader who was responsible for organising team members to ensure that everyone was involved.
This activity required us to: - listen to one another - participate and help out - suggest ideas - read the recipe - measure ingredients - follow the instructions - work as a team

We had a fantastic morning baking and creating and even learnt some new baking terms like 'knead the dough'.
The biscuits tasted delicious!!!
Where to next... - create instructions for others to make their own biscuits. - how can we use the skills we have learned and transfer these into other activities?

Diving Deeper with Ms Nicholls

This morning, we have been thinking about ‘Courage’. We talked about where we think Courage might come from. Ms Nicholls read the story ‘Red’ to us, about a crayon that was labelled ‘red’, but it kept drawing ‘blue’ images. Only when another crayon asked if ‘red’ could draw an ocean, did ‘Red’ feel successful.
Next we were given 3 options to chose from... The Hidden Me Animate Me My Story
The Hidden Me option was the most popular with our class this morning. Only Jemma and Rosemary chose My Story. Nobody chose Animate Me.

The Hidden Me involved tamariki creating a pair of wings with hidden images in them to show others something about themselves that we may not know.  Once the wings were ready, a buddy took a full body photo in front of a green screen, so we could import the image over the top of the wings.

For the 'My Story' task, the girls were using the app 'Stop Motion' to take multiple images of the crayons from the story having moved them sightly.  When the imag…

Food For Thought...

This week in Koru 2 we welcomed Mikaela from the Heart foundation who came and spoke to us all about nutrition, the things we eat and how to best look after our amazing bodies.
Our curious tamariki enjoyed learning new food facts focussing on how this effects our bodies.  We worked in teams and got busy sorting images of the many different types of food we eat into categories.  For many of us this was a chance to discover that of all these foods you could seperate them into either every day foods or occasional foods.