Tough Kids!

This week, Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 had the opportunity to get involved in the annual Tough Kids event.  Some of Koru 2 chose come along...and what a great time we had!
Excitement on our way there!
Waiting for the race to begin!

The weather was very kind to us, in fact it was perfect.  Sunny, but not too warm for running in. We were amazed at the amount of other schools that were also participating.  Some tamariki even came in fancy dress!
We didn't have to wait long before it was time for our group to head off...the course went over grass, through wooded areas, along the beach and some parts even went through the ocean itself!
There were some interesting obstacles along the way too - from inflatables to crawling under nets.

What a fantastic morning we had!  Can't wait to do it all again next year!  

Celebration of Learning

Our Koru 2 tamariki all worked together and did a massive tidy up in preparation for our celebration of learning evening.  We spent some time on Tuesday playing parents and students practicing giving a classroom tour.

Our community evening was a big success.  We had several family and whānau stop in to visit our space.  We were so impressed with many of our Koru 2 tamariki as they did such a wonderful job sharing their learning with them.   

The Kapa haka and Pasifika performances were a wonderful way to end the day. 

Thank you to everyone who came and made this wonderful event happen.   

Reflection Time

Last week we spent some time reflecting on how we think we have been going this year in preparation for our upcoming Celebration of Learning evening. We thought about our school values  (Caring, Creative, Connected, Curious and Courageous) and highlighted how well we thought we are going with showing each of these values at school. We spent time pondering our strengths and how we use them.  We asked our peers for some honest feedback and we thought about things that we need to work on.
We are looking forward to sharing our self reflections along with the work that we are proud of this Tuesday!
As a follow on from this, some of us thought a little more carefully about the word TEAMWORK and what this means. We buddied up and had a go at seeing how many different objects we could lift using only our index fingers...

Then we came up with a list of ideas around what teamwork actually is and why it is important.
We wonder how we will be able to use this so that we can continue to grow and become be…

Acting out our story...

Our talented tamariki are exercising their communication and drama skills working together and choosing a part of the Apollo 13 story to act out for their peers.

There was plenty of action, emotion and great language used from the story and even some amazing sound effects!

What's next...

We will create a plot matrix of our story by discussing and pulling key elements out of it.   This will help us to understand the structure of great stories and help us to make new ones. 

Apollo 13...our story for Term 4

This term we are learning the story of Apollo 13. Last week we listened to the story and talked about the parts that we liked or any questions that we had.  There was lots of conversations happening around space and astronauts...we have many wonderings about astronauts in particular.
We made a super quick story map showing the main parts of the story and then used this to help us step the story.  This is the part of the storytelling process where we say a word and show an action that represents each image on our story map.  It helps us to recall the events of the story quickly, easily and in the right order.

Myrah discovered a comic version of the story is available on our reading app Epic!
This is the longest story we have learnt through the storytelling approach, so it might take us a while to really remember lots of the details!  We are hoping to take a copy of our story maps home so that we can practise retelling the story to our whānau!
What's next?   Well, this week already we hav…

Term 4 Week 1!

It has been so nice to see our Koru 2 tamariki back for term 4.  Our first week has been filled with discussion around the important topic of friendship, Kiwisport athletics practice, Maths with a focus on multiplication and division, sunshine and rainy days.

Our 6 tamariki have begun an Interest Project all about their time at Bromley School looking back to look forward.  They have been enjoying reminiscing with each other and sharing stories of some of their most memorable highlights, challenges and main events.

Shania's Wednesday Art club went with a Halloween theme this week making hand traced ghost chains.  Senior and Junior students worked energetically alongside each other and had a great time.