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Dragon Art

We are learning a story called The Four Dragons! Our friend Myrah suggested we should make our very own dragons!

So, we did some research to find out how to make an easy dragon.  Some of us used our imaginations!

First we sketched some dragons.  Then we wrote a list of things we needed to create our dragons.

Then we started to create them!!

Check out this photo of how our dragons are looking...

Look out for our own blogs about how we created our dragons!
(This was created as part of shared writing in our class today.)

All About Me Interest Project 2019


Digital Ignition: Day 1

We've just experienced an incredible opportunity provided by Digital Ignition Māpura Matihiko and enjoyed a full hour of rich learning centred around digital technology, problem solving and creativity.  Our talented Koru 2 tamariki worked in teams with digital tools and apps inspired to solve real world needs. 

The session began with a fun and challenging game that required us to work as a team, think outside of the box and use our communication skills against the clock.  We were to construct a tower as tall as possible made out of popsicle sticks and blue tack using only one hand in under 4 minutes. 

"This was so much fun and we had to quickly share our ideas and listen to others." - Kate

Conversation filled the hall as new strategies arose from collapsed towers. 

We then learned about a man who makes artificial limbs for children out of the kindness of his heart using a 3D printer in his garage.  We began to understand how technology serves a large purpose in our soci…