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First week of 2019 in Koru 2

Welcome back to 2019!    What a fantastic first week we have had in Koru 2! So far we have... - completed an environment scavenger hunt - played 'Find someone who...' - played some team games both inside and outside of the classroom - spent time figuring out what kind of an environment we want Koru 2 to be - talked about classroom jobs, designed our own images for them and filled out job applications! - been introduced to 5 licences that we will have the opportunity to earn throughout the year - begun designing potential images that we are wanting to create to represent each of the licences ...As well as starting to learn some new routines.  Wow, we've been busy!

 One of the most important things that we did was think about our class treaty.  We brainstormed our ideas in small groups around what we thought we wanted our class to 'look like, sound like and feel like'. When we looked at our responses there were lots of ideas that were similar.
Mr Yuki made a 'Wordle' for…