All About Me Interest Project 2019

Drawing from our school wide theme of Looking back to look forward, our clever Koru 2 tamariki have been diving deeper into understanding what is important to them and the things that make them unique.

As a whole class we’ve decided on the many different topics that should be included in this project especially ones that would require a bit of fun, research and self-discovery.  Some of the most interesting has been the concept of creating a family tree and the exploration of the many connections and relationships within our own whānau that make us who we are.  The tamariki are enjoying collecting images that help to express their many interests, sports, pets, hobbies and treasures.  The level of skill and attention to design using either Keynote or Google Slides is impressive.  Plus several tech experts are emerging within the class, helping out their fellow classmates and showing our wonderful Bromley school values of caring and connecting. 

The classroom comes alive with conversation and laughter as the tamariki explore so many special attributes that make them the wonderful people they are.

This is truly a project to be proud of and we all cannot wait to share with our classmates, teachers, friends, family and whānau.


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