Non-Fiction Storytelling

We have kicked off Term 3 with a non-fiction text for our Storytelling...about Water.
Although the elements of how we learn the a non-fiction text are the same as how we would learn a fiction story, the way in which we do it is quite different.
Last week we had a lot of fun as we started to learn the words and gestures of our new text.  Some of the gestures we are using are taken from New Zealand sign language.

First, we listened to the story and noticed that there were actions that were repeated when the same word was repeated.

Mr Yuki then helped us to recreate the text into a map which incorporated both words and pictures to represent the words.

We spent some time recording ourselves talking the map...

Next we watched how to step the map and then went away to practise in groups...

Where will our learning take us to next?
- We will continue to practise speaking the text and incorporating gestures.
- We will continue to explore and discover the wonderful world of Water.

Keep watching to see what happens...


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