Making Matariki Star Biscuits

As part of our Matariki celebrations in Week 9, we spent the morning creating our own star biscuits!

The ingredients, equipment and recipes were set out at 4 work stations and we worked in small groups.   One person at each area was chief photographer and we also had a team leader who was responsible for organising team members to ensure that everyone was involved.

This activity required us to:
- listen to one another
- participate and help out
- suggest ideas
- read the recipe
- measure ingredients
- follow the instructions
- work as a team

We had a fantastic morning baking and creating and even learnt some new baking terms like 'knead the dough'.

The biscuits tasted delicious!!!

Where to next...
- create instructions for others to make their own biscuits.
- how can we use the skills we have learned and transfer these into other activities?


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