Food For Thought...

This week in Koru 2 we welcomed Mikaela from the Heart foundation who came and spoke to us all about nutrition, the things we eat and how to best look after our amazing bodies.

Our curious tamariki enjoyed learning new food facts focussing on how this effects our bodies.  We worked in teams and got busy sorting images of the many different types of food we eat into categories.  For many of us this was a chance to discover that of all these foods you could seperate them into either every day foods or occasional foods.  

Mikaela reminded us to listen to our body as it tells us when it feels good and when it doesn’t. 

On day two we learned all about what the information on the packaging tells us. 

We learned that it is important to buy products made in New Zealand because it supports the many New Zealand jobs in the food industry from where they are grown to our supermarkets and into our homes.  

We spent some time learning about the nutrition information that can be found on the packaging of all our food.

At the end of the lesson Mikaela got some gasps out of us teachers and our tamariki when she revealed just how much sugar is in common drinks.  Fizzy drinks can contain up to 16 teaspoons of sugar!  Woah!  


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