Diving Deeper with Ms Nicholls

This morning, we have been thinking about ‘Courage’.
We talked about where we think Courage might come from.
Ms Nicholls read the story ‘Red’ to us, about a crayon that was labelled ‘red’, but it kept drawing ‘blue’ images.
Only when another crayon asked if ‘red’ could draw an ocean, did ‘Red’ feel successful.

Next we were given 3 options to chose from...
The Hidden Me
Animate Me
My Story

The Hidden Me option was the most popular with our class this morning.
Only Jemma and Rosemary chose My Story.
Nobody chose Animate Me.

The Hidden Me involved tamariki creating a pair of wings with hidden images in them to show others something about themselves that we may not know.  Once the wings were ready, a buddy took a full body photo in front of a green screen, so we could import the image over the top of the wings.

For the 'My Story' task, the girls were using the app 'Stop Motion' to take multiple images of the crayons from the story having moved them sightly.  When the images flick along to the next one quickly, it looks as though they are animated!

We very much enjoyed spending our morning on these tasks and have taken them back into our classroom in the hope of completing them during our Literacy time.

Where to next...
We are looking forward to seeing the finished products!
What processes and skills did we use?
How we can incorporate these into future activities?


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